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New Caterham Seven 310 accidentally finds happy medium

10:32PM - 06.08.'16

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For those who want their cars to deliver the most pure driving experience possible, it's hard to find a more perfect option than the Caterham Seven. The company offers many versions of the Seven with as much as 310 horsepower in the monstrous 620 models, to as little as 80 horsepower in the Europe-only 160. Today, the company announced their latest addition, which they believe is the best all-around version.

To create the car, the company basically took a Caterham 270 – the least powerful model available in the US – and gave it a new set of cams and a new ECU tune, bringing the car up to 152 horsepower. What's interesting is that they didn't plan to offer a new model. Much like how the Focus RS got its drift mode, the 310 came about unintentionally.

The original plan, according to Caterham, was to just offer the engine upgrades as a standalone package. But the team liked the results so much they decided to offer a whole new model in addition to an upgrade kit for owners of the 270. Simon Lambert, chief motorsport and technical officer for Caterham Cars was quite pleased with the results.

"It's like an unplanned baby. A wonderful surprise that instantly becomes your favorite," Lambert said. "We weren't expecting it but, of course, we wouldn't change a thing now."

Caterham's announcement didn't include availability or pricing information for the US market. Considering that it's based on a Seven 270 that is currently available here, it could be possible that the 310 will replace the 270 in the lineup.

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